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Oct 7, 2012 6:30pm PDT
it was a lack of understanding of the importance of the latino community. i think they don't understand how fast we're growing, how influential we have become and how politicians are now forced to respond to the issues that affect latinos. i think that they over saw that. i don't think they really paid attention. >> sometimes we are invisible and we are fighting so hard not to be invisible. the commission of presidential debates are stuck in the 1950s. they still think the country could be divided between men and women and that's it. they do not realize that one in every three persons in the united states is from a minority. they think it is okay it have an african-american president but they don't think it's okay to have an african-american or hispanic journalist as a moderator for the debates. what we did, it was our wonderful response to this oversight, this huge oversight. instead they didn't want to invite us to the party so we had our own party. >> and that party turned out pretty good. >> so, yeah, maybe. >> you mean the presidential forums you're having? >> yes. >> which came after you w
Oct 16, 2012 6:30pm PDT
it -- as we had never seen it before. >> she has close ties to the african-american and latino communities, which make up half of youngstown's 70,000 residents. most traditionally vote democrat. at a restaurant, we meet a 36- year-old who has already cast his vote via postal ballot. he is back in barack obama for a second term. am i really do not think that one person could really come along and changed the whole country. plus, when you have that much of a mess to clean up, you cannot express -- expected to push a magic button and have everything better in four years. >> many voters are more cautious about getting behind the obama campaign this time around. the race is still wide open in ohio. >> finally, a sports exhibit with a difference -- we are all used to super slow-motion replays of sports matches that usually focus on tackles or amazing shots. >> but what if you approach a sport with the eye of an artist? one exhibit in berlin shows a different side of the german national team. >> a german and dutch player, fierce opponents dancing in step, acrobatics on the field caught in a split
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2